City trip to Cambridge

Last weekend I went on a bus tour organised by EF with a bus to Cambridge. Cambridge is quite far from Eastbourne, which makes it expensive, so to conclude; not a lot of my friends wanted to go. In the end,  there were still a few and although it was raining the whole day, we still had a great day.

We first went to the channels where people do the famous Cambridge thing which is called “punting”. With the small boats, they are going through the channels and pass some beautiful buildings. After that, we went to Kings College, which was very impressive and old. We even could go to the accommodations of the students and look through the windows how their rooms look like and I can tell you, they weren’t very big.

The rest of the day we just wandered around the city without a map or any guide. There was only one thing we didn’t think of was finding the way back and returning on time at the bus station to go back home. In the end, we made it, although we needed to run.

Somewhere you have to go to for sure. Cambridge.


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