A “study trip” to Barcelona

As you all probably know, have I been to Barcelona in 2017 twice. However, for my study, we are now having an International Project where we, in the beginning, needed to choose between different cities. For instance; Vancouver, Berlin, Gent, Barcelona, Cape Town, Miami, and Shanghai. Because I am travelling very often in between and really need to save money for my internship I did not want to spend a lot of money. I was so looking forward to going back to Barcelona for this study trip.

study trip-1study trip-2

Again amazing

Going on a study trip to Barcelona was in the end, different than when I went the two other things, however, I would not say that it was less nice. We had a schedule from school with different activities every day. We slept with all the students in the Antibes Hotel, which I would definitely recommend. The breakfast was super, the location was perfect and because the reception is 24hours open, we would not have to be stressed when coming back from the nightclub in the middle of the night.

So, yeah. As you can probably guess, we went for clubbing and going to bars quite often. If we did not go out, we met at one of the rooms and had some nice deep conversations about life. At the beginning of the week, I only knew a few other people well, therefore I found it so nice to get to know them better and found out that we had such a good connection.

I do not want to give you the impression that we only went for clubbing and drank beers because honestly, we had to wake up between and 7 and 8 every day to meet with the teachers for an activity, which was quite difficult for not morning persons because we went mainly went to bed around three, four o’clock. We did some activities like a tour through the Port of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, El Born, and the neighbourhood around the Sagrada Familia.

study trip-7 study trip- 8

Favorite hot spots

So, because of those three trips, I have created a list of my favourite restaurants and bars/clubs.

  1. Brunch and Cake – For the Instagram foodies > Breakfast, Lunch


study trip-4

2. Flax and Kale –  Vegetarian Restaurant > Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

study trip-3

3. Rossini – Italian Restaurant > Lunch, Dinner

4. Carpe Diem – Indian Restaurant & Nightclub > Dinner

5. Bacoa – Hamburger Restaurant > Lunch, Dinner

6. Wonderbar – Popular local bar > Free entree, all mix drinks 8 euro

7. Sutton –  Nightclub > Normally 15 entree

8. Shoko – Nightclub > On guestlist via Facebook free entree, otherwise 10 euro


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