My first vacation alone – part 2

To continue my trip, I went from Girona to Cadaqués, which is a bit more North and part of the Costa Brava. Because Cadaqués is kind of isolated during the off-season it was only possible to come there by car, so I went by taxi. I honestly started to stress a bit, because yeah a young female adult alone in a taxi through the middle of nowhere, you know some of those stories… In the end, after a lot of hairpin bends and me becoming very nauseous of that, we finally arrived save in this magical place. Welcome to Cadaqués!

Magical Cadaqués

Besides the fact that I was sleeping in a hostel in Girona, I decided to sleep in a hotel in Cadaqués. When I found the hotel on and saw that there was a Super deal, I could not refuse. The hotel is called, Hotel Rec De Palau, and is seriously amazing and magical. It has a breathtaking view of the sea (as you can see in the picture below) and everything was well arranged. I had my own studio, at the beginning of the hill, with a view on the centre of the town and a bit of the sea. Every morning, I climbed out of bed, opened the little windows to hear the gulls and the waves of the sea. Magical isn’t it?


What to do in Cadaqués?

Because, like I have told you already, it is off-season at the moment. There is not really much to do in Cadaqués besides walking, relaxing and eating. However, I think that during the summer Cadaqués may be a very active and sportive town because during my walks I saw some surf shops and there was also a place where you could rent canoes, bikes and scooters. Besides that, I saw some leaflets lying around in a shop with maps for hiking trails and beaches in other towns.


My daily routine

Now you are maybe asking yourself what I did then those three days? After I woke up around nine o’clock for breakfast, I stayed in the living area until somewhere before lunchtime. I was mainly enjoying the view and reading a bit from my Spanish book. Around 11:30 I went to town for a walk and actually always ended around 13:00 in a restaurant for lunch. I decided to change my meals. Therefore I ate warm during lunch and for dinner, I bought a salad or just a baguette with some chicken.

I came home around two or three o’clock and went for a shower before going back to the hotel, to sit again in my favourite leather chair, enjoying the breathtaking view.  Around six, I went back to my studio to eat my “dinner” and always watched one episode of my Spanish series on Netflix, Velvet. After that, I studied some Spanish, watched a Spanish film or wrote some poems. Yeah, I know, lots of Spanish stuff. At home, they are already going crazy about that. Furthermore, because I had still bags until my knees (a bit of exaggerating of course) I slept around nine in order to get the twelve hours of sleep.

Indeed, you can conclude that I did not do much, but I loved it! It was so relaxing and calm, even in the hotel. Most of the time when I was in the living area, I was alone and that made it more peaceful than it already was. It was really me-time.


Why did I travel alone?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about life. Thinking about the people I lost (how that affected me) and the ones I love (but may influence me too much). So, I started to think about myself, for myself. I started to think about my dreams and felt that I wanted to develop myself more. Get to know me more. Love me more. I want to know the best of me and make sure that I do not take everything for granted. When being alone, I am not defined by any other person and have all the time and energy to listen to myself.

So, was it a successful trip? Yes, it definitely was!!


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