Small road-trip through Tuscany with Renato

This trip shows how beautiful an EF friendship can be. Renato, who is originally from Mexico, did not directly go home after EF. He wanted to explore Europe more, so he went to France and then ended in the Rome. Because he told me that he would be alone in Florence I asked him whether he liked me to come with him and he liked that. Florence for 4 days it was. I was just home from England, so my parents did not really agree that I was going, also because I was going with a man they had never seen before. I told them not to worry, Renato and I are just good friends.

When we arrived in Florence, we went straight to the hotel. The room which the woman gave us was called; “The romance”. We started to laugh spontaneously. Everything from the inside was blue and the walls were full of dolphins with glitter. Then, during the night. Renato said, “Isabelle look at the ceiling; it is full of stars.” You know, those stars which we all had when we were children. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Florence is an amazing city and because we were there before all the summer holidays started, the centre was not busy at all. During those 4 days, we also visited Pisa and Siena. Oh gosh, I loved Siena and Pisa was fun too. In Siena, we just walked around, there was not really lots to do there but those building… so typical Italian! After 3 days full of visiting beautiful churches and museums, I had seen enough. So, when Renato really wanted to visit another church in Florence I stayed outside enjoying the sun while he was inside. It was nice to have a travel partner as Renato, so relax and fun. And of course, Italian food. Do not have to say much about that, right?



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