Graduation Speech​

Time Flies

We are here altogether since the beginning and we stayed together till the end. Almost eight months but they feel like three. We experienced everything together. It only went too fast. Because yes, time flies when you are having fun.

The eight months which feel like three are almost over, almost done. The last chapter of your book is almost finished. It is almost the end. It is almost done.

Time goes fast when it should go slow. Because yes, time flies when you are having fun.

I tried to explain some people. The people who asked how it is. But it is hard. Hard to search for words. Hard to find the right ones. It is hard to describe how these eight months were. Even though, they feel like three.

However, I found it. During the night while we were dancing. All dancing, together in Cameo. I felt blessed.

Blessed with everything that we have done together. Blessed because of everyone who was there with me. Blessed for everything that yet has to come. I felt so blessed.

So yes, I have chosen “blessed” and of course, if you want another word. Please choose it. Because we are EF and here you can say what you think. And here you can be yourself. That is why I am telling you my story. Our story.

That is why I am telling you I have chosen the word “blessed”. The word that goes through my body. Goes through my mind. When I think about the eight months which feel like three. About the time that went too fast and about all the things we have done together.

This is the book. The book we created. The book I will read over and over again. Just because I cannot and just because I don’t want to forget any second of it.

And that is all because of you guys. Thanks for everything. I feel so blessed and in some way, I hope that you do the same.

Because this is, was and will always be the best time of our lives.



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