Weekend trips


Last few weeks I went on a few trips. First I went to Brighton by myself and another weekend I went with school to Oxford.

I went to Brighton on a sunny Sunday and seriously couldn’t have picked out a better day than this day. From Eastbourne, you can go to Brighton either by bus or by train. Going by bus is the cheapest way and because it drives close to the cliffs, the way is amazing. Brighton itself is a lovely city, especially when you love shopping. You can probably already guess what I did there most of the time… yes, shopping. Besides all the nice shops, Brighton is famous for her pier. There are restaurants on it and at the end, you even have a small theme park.

Oxford compared to Brighton was a bit disappointing to me. In Brighton, it was easy to find the way, but in Oxford… Every time we were lost and because we didn’t really know what to visit during our free time on the tour, we went for shopping. However, in the shopping area, it was very busy and the people were kind of rude towards us, so we didn’t like that either. Although, there was one thing which I really loved from Oxford and that was the University. It was so huge and we could almost go everywhere. I felt like I was in Harry Potter.


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