London with mom, dad, and sis

Friday morning I took the train from 9:29 and would arrive at 11:00 on London Victoria Station, but it didn’t go as planned. I will start from the beginning.

I was sitting on the train reading my book, listening to music and thought that after a long time sitting on the train went out at the right station. There were two exits. I first went to the left and then to the right, but on both sides, I didn’t see any of my family members. I started to be confused and panicked.

I called mom and asked them where they were. She became confused too because she was standing at the end of the platforms. She told me that there was only one way for me to go out, but where I was there were two. She asked me if I was sure that I went out at Victoria Station and I said yes, of course, I am sure mom. You can probably already guess. I didn’t go out at Victoria Station. I went out one station before Victoria. After a few minutes, there was already another train coming going to Victoria Station so I could go on that one. A very kind woman on the train saw that there was something wrong, I explained the situation and when we arrived at Victoria Station she helped me to find my parents and my sister.

So, finally. I was in London. Back with my parents and sister. Although I am doing very fine on my own and having the time of my life, I was so happy to see them again.


We first went to the hotel and later we went into the city. I didn’t take a scarf with me, but from the moment I arrived, I already regretted it. Oh gosh, it was so cold, but oh so nice! We went to Buckingham Palace, went into the London Eye, saw the Elisabeth Tower (Big Ben), and the Regent Street.

The next day we started with a lovely breakfast and after that, we went to King’s Cross station for Harry Potter. No no, not the real one, unfortunately. We went to the platform where Harry went through the wall. It is a touristic thing. People come here to have a look and take a picture. To finish our Harry Potter day we went to the Leadenhall Market, the blue door which is used during the movie.

The next morning, again, we had an amazing breakfast. I have a thing for breakfast, cannot just skip it. Harrods was in the planning and some further shopping together with the Tower Bridge. Although I cannot really afford the products at Harrods, the building looks amazing, from the in and outside.

And then, it was already the end of our weekend trip together. We hugged, kissed, and said goodbye. Dad is coming in four weeks with my brother, but mom and Fabiënne I will see when I am coming back for my Christmas Holiday. Going to miss them.

Published by Travel around with Bella

Since I lived/studied in England in 2015-2016 I have a desire to travel around, to visit my International friends and have the feeling of being on an adventure every day. This year has changed me and the way I want to continue to live my life. I have become more aware of my dreams and am trying to follow them every day in order to make the most of my life.

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