It is a long time again since I have posted something, which is good news right?

In the last few weeks, I have rent a bike, went to my tennis training every Sunday morning. Yes, I know, Sunday morning, why Isabelle? Otherwise, my tennis trainer did not time for me and I really wanted to continue to play. I also signed up for an abonnement at the gym of the University of Brighton in Eastbourne, where I can swim and go to yoga, Zumba, and spinning classes. In beginning, I told you that a bike is necessary because it is all a bit far from the residence but I forget to tell you the second thing, nothing is flat here. I had already done my workout before I arrive at the gym or the tennis park. The tennis park was even higher and farther than the gym, so every time when I arrived sweating, my tennis trainer was laughing and said; “I am glad you are still alive Isabelle.”

About my apartment, everything is still fine. Every Friday cleaners are in the flat for like an hour to clean the room and change the towels etc. For already a few weeks I have a new roommate, the third one actually. Her name is Carmen, the girl who I met on the first day with the other girls from France. Carmen was first living with a host family but didn’t like it and wanted to change to the residence. Because after Valentina, an Italian girl who was with EF for 3 weeks, I didn’t have a roommate anymore. We asked EF whether it was possible that Carmen could live with me, and yes, it was possible. It is handy that Carmen and I are in the same friend group when someone has his/her birthday we normally celebrate it in our flat, or when we are going out, we all drink something in our flat before. We are having lots of fun together and knowing that Carmen will also stay until May, gives me a relieved feeling because some of my friends have a new roommate every month.

My thoughts weren’t they should have been when I was at school. My boyfriend was almost coming for a few days. Of course, we are Skying and have a lot of contacts, but it is still different. Hopefully, I don’t have to convince anyone of that. When he arrived, I first showed him where I lived, who my friends are, and showed him the city. After that, we went to the cinema, the new James Bond film Spectre. It was in a typical old British Cinema, so cute. During the evenings, we ate in pubs and watched the Rugby World Cup. Maybe good to know my boyfriend plays rugby. You can understand that those matches couldn’t be missed. After a very nice weekend together, I came with him to London Gatwick and said goodbye. It was hard, that is all I can say.



After 1,5 week my dad and brother were coming to Eastbourne. They played golf when I was at school. We also went to Brighton for shopping and ate at one of my favourite burger restaurants here. It was very nice to see my brother again after such a long time, we have a good bond.

And I forgot to tell you. A friend of mine, Ian, came with his mom to London for a weekend and ask if I could come to London for a day. I hadn’t had planned anything with on Saturday morning I took the train to Victoria Station, and yes now, I went out to the right station, and we met at Buckingham Palace. It was very cold that day, however, I loved it. It was almost December and even though Christmas was/is still far away, London looked so cosy. And what I loved the most about that day was going to Camden Town, which is a food market with a different kind of food at each stand. Oh gosh, it was delicious!

I really enjoyed all of it, but “real” life doesn’t stop.

Published by Travel around with Bella

Since I lived/studied in England in 2015-2016 I have a desire to travel around, to visit my International friends and have the feeling of being on an adventure every day. This year has changed me and the way I want to continue to live my life. I have become more aware of my dreams and am trying to follow them every day in order to make the most of my life.

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