Barcelona with the fam.

Although I went to Barcelona during the Summer I could not refuse to come with my parents, brother and sister when they asked me to go with them for 5 days. Because I had been there already for a week and know the way much better they did, they told me every single time that I was going to be the tour guide. So, okay. No problem for me, I thought…

However, because of the referendum that was going on in Barcelona about the independence of Catalonia, my parents were not really sure whether they wanted to go a few days before. In the end, because the news was “quiet” they told us that there was no problem.

We arrived around 10 o’clock in the morning on Wednesday in our apartment, which was perfectly located close to Barceloneta, booked on We had only planned the Sagrada Familia at 4 o’clock, therefore I had enough time to show them some nice spots. We ended up shopping, which is not weird with me as a tour guide and more female than male in the family.

When I told my mom, we should book tickets for the Sagrada Familia and my brother and father heard about that they were not really interested. I told them they should wait with their critic until they had seen it. In the end, I was right because they were amazed as I was when we left the Sagrada. During the evening, we went for a walk along the boulevard while it started to rain extremely hard. We were totally soaked when we entered the restaurant “Carpe Diem” for a nice dinner. It was an Indian restaurant and I had the Tikka Masala. It was delicious. Unfortunately, we were still wet when we finished dinner.

For Thursday my mom booked a private bike tour through Barcelona with Baja Bikes. We also did the private bike tour with them in Sevilla and really like it. We had to be there at 10 and the tour would take for 3 hours including tapas as lunch. There was only one little thing… It was still raining so extremely hard. However, we as “die-hard Dutchies” just continued the bike tour. Our guide was Laura, she is half Dutch, half Spanish and has been living in Barcelona for already 2 years now. With our poncho’s and green bikes, we first went to the Gothic Quarter where Laura mainly explained about the history of Barcelona. Later on, we went to the other neighbourhoods, El Born, El Raval, and Barceloneta, where we also went for the lunch. It was really nice to get to know Laura more. Also, because, I am interested in work/travel. Because we were so soaked and everyone was very cold from all the rain, we just went back home and relaxed during the afternoon. During the evening we ate at my favourite Italian restaurant, Rossini. The best lasagna !!

Because Laura told us about the best bakery in Barcelona, Baluard, which was also close to our apartment, we were lucky to buy our breakfasts there on Friday and Saturday morning. On Friday, we had a very full day. We first went to Park Guëll in the morning, then we went back to the city centre for some more shopping and at 4 o’clock we had to be at Camp Nou for our tour around the stadium. Gladly, it was sunny and there was no rain anymore that day. I was surprised by the tour at the Camp Nou, probably because I did not expect that the tour would be so exclusive and that Barcelona had already won so many tournaments. We walked 17km that day, therefore I just searched for a pizzeria, pizzeria Eden, close to metro station. They were just opening the restaurant, so we were the only one. However, none of us minded. Everyone wanted to sit and eat. My mom told us that it was the first time that everyone ate their whole pizza. We should have been very hungry…

Because everyone was very tired we slept out on Saturday until 10:30 and had a nice breakfast from the bakery at home together. I was a bit done with being the tour guide, it is more exhausting than I expected, so I told my mom to take over. She wanted to go to Montjuïc, which is a castle on a hill that gives you a beautiful view over Barcelona. There are a few possibilities to go there; either by car, by foot, or with the cable railway. We used the last one, although I would have liked to hike.

My sister kept asking; “Mom, is everything I am seeing really all Barcelona?” After one hour walking around and drinking something at a bar on the top, we went back to the centre for some shopping and a nice lunch at a tapas bar. The news told us that the people from Catalonia would start demonstration at 5. We were shopping in El Corte Ingles at the Placa de Catalunya. When we came outside all we saw were people, people and people. All the people were wearing/carrying the flag of Catalonia and screaming sentences I definitely did not understand. My parents did not like the atmosphere so we took the metro home and watched the demonstration from behind the tv. For dinner, we went to the beach, where we ate at one of my favourite burger restaurants in Barcelona, Bacoa which is a very easy-going restaurant with delicious burgers and amazing fries/potatoes, called Rústicas.

Already since Thursday evening, I told my parents that we should watch the fountain show. However, when we wanted to go on Thursday I got confused with Placa de Espanya and Place de Catalunya, therefore we did not go anymore. On Friday everyone was too tired, so we went on Saturday. Although, again, it did not really go as planned. When we arrived somewhere before 10 o’clock at Placa de Espanya and walked to the fountain lots of people were walking away from the fountain. Because there was a huge queue on the left side of the road, I was confused with what was happening. Later on, I saw that the queue was for the Oktoberfest of Barcelona (point of attention: no one in the queue was dressed up…). However, there were still lots of people walking away from the fountain and when we arrived at the fountain, we already got the impression that it just finished. My brother googled and yes, the show was until 10… Minus points for the tour guide, they all said. Another huge point of attention: the timetable of the fountain differs throughout the year… My dad asked my mom; how much should you love a person not to get mad haha? We just went home and everyone packed their stuff because our departure was 10 in the morning the next day.

Barcelona feels a bit like home, maybe because I know the way already so good in the city. In February I am going back again for one week for my study. I cannot wait!

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Since I lived/studied in England in 2015-2016 I have a desire to travel around, to visit my International friends and have the feeling of being on an adventure every day. This year has changed me and the way I want to continue to live my life. I have become more aware of my dreams and am trying to follow them every day in order to make the most of my life.

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