My Italian life besides university

A question that people have asked me several times already. What do you do when you are not at the university? Well…

So, where to start. Okay. Eating and partying are probably the things I do the most besides university ha-ha. My days at the university are short and either start 10:15 or 18:00 in the evening. Since there are so many restaurants we want to try and also feel that we sort of have to know them for when our visitors are coming, we tend to try different restaurants to check if we like them. The pictures below with Frederique and Marguax are taken at Cino&Sons.


About the partying. For now, I go out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday and since I’m not a huge fan of having alcohol in my body I usually only drink severals drinks on Saturdays. Must say, I’m doubting for how long I’m able to continue doing this because it isn’t really the lifestyle my body is used to, but we will see about that.


Besides eating and partying I also go to the gym, which took some times and patience because apparently going to the gym here is very expensive. The average costs per month is 100 euro. You can guess, I didn’t want to pay that. Frederique told me about her gym and later on, I also had a look. It is called Evolution and does have very nice intensive lessons which fit great with my schedule from the university. Since the monthly payment of Evolution was gladly far away from that 100 euro a month, I decided to take a subscription there and attend the different classes. I only had to go to the doctor first, because it is a law here in Italy to check your heart and see if everything alright.

Beach day at Rosignano Marittimo

You would maybe think that we were somewhere than else, but nope, we weren’t. This was only 1:50 minutes with public transport from Florence. Must say, we were surprised, too, and didn’t expect a beach like this at all. And even so, that it wasn’t crowded at all. This, probably, because years ago people weren’t allowed to lay on the beach; the sand is so white because of an industry behind the dunes that dumped chemicals there. Despite, we had a great day and enjoyed ourselves very much.

Road trip to Greve in Chianti

Last week Fre (Frederique) and I decided that we would like to rent a car and explore Tuscany a little more. We decided to do this with Car2go, a car sharing company of Smarts. After driving for a while, we thought it would be nice to just stop at a random place and have breakfast. It was so calm and peaceful. A great start of the day!

After we finished our breakfast, we continued and ended up at Montefioralle, a (very) small town where no souvenirs shop can be found. As many of you know, have I been collecting magnets for already a long time. I told Fre that we shouldn’t forget that I buy them. In the end, none of the villages where we went to had a souvenir shop. I guess, this says already enough of how “not” touristic it all was.

After a little walk through Montefioralle, we found a hidden restaurant, Il Guerrino, with a beautiful view over the wine yards.


Since I was the driver that day, which I liked very much, and Fre mainly took charge of the music in the car, we didn’t make many pictures while we were on the road. We enjoyed it so much to just talk, sing along with the songs (or you could also call it screaming ha-ha), and look out of the windows. At last, did we go to a wine farm, Vignamaggio Villa. Besides that they produce their own wines, they also have hotel rooms and organize events, like weddings. Yes, here you can have your real Tuscan wedding! Maybe, in the end, I do want to get married one day…

The wine was amazing and of course, we couldn’t leave without buying a bottle. Oh, and the mosquitos couldn’t leave us both, too. Only because I’m a little allergic, I ended up with huge circles on my both legs which wasn’t very convenient since I walk so much everyday (average of 13km a day). Besides that, was it yet one of the best days I have spend here! Also thanks to Fre.

City trip to Siena

Although I had already been to Siena I didn’t have to think too long when I was asked by my German speaking (most of them Germans, but one Swiss) friends if I wanted to come with them.

Compared to the last time I was in Siena (3 years ago), it was definitely more busy now. Much more tourists and since we were with eleven, it was very difficult to find a place in a restaurant. In the end, after walking around for 45 minutes not knowing what to do, we decided to just buy take away pizza’s and eat it on the stairs in front of a church.

After the lunch, we continued to walk around in the city, which we all really enjoyed. I also really liked it that in this way I was able to get to know some people of the group a little more.

Last thing, I’m so happy that I have already met so many amazing people! We are just here for three weeks and it feels as if we have known each other for already so much longer. It’s just incredible!

This weekend, a good friend of mine Marie-Claire is in town. Super happy about the fact that I am able to show her my life here.

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