Who is it?

Hi there!

It is me, Isabelle Schrage, the creator of Travel around with Bella.

I am 23 years old and in my fourth year of International Business and Management Studies, which is located in Rotterdam. Since I lived in England during my gap year (studied at Education First), I have learned a lot about myself, about life, and how I want to make the best out of it. From one day to another, travelling became my new favourite hobby. Because I still have very good contact with my friends from EF, we are visiting and meeting each other somewhere around Europe quite often. Unfortunately, a ticket to Latin-America is not that easy to afford.

Besides all the travels, I still have to focus myself on school and for the time that is left, I like to read books and write poems, especially on the beach. I usually play tennis, go to the gym, and when the weather allows it I like to go for a run during sunset. Furthermore, my life would be nothing without music and my closest friends and family.

I hope that my words and pictures come across in a way to make you realise that even though nobody’s life is perfect and bad things happen sometimes, the world around us is beautiful and we should not forget that.

Because I am a woman who likes deep conversations and deep quotes, I want to show you this one, which one of my favourite Instagram accounts once posted:

“They don’t teach you this in school. They don’t show you the beauty of existing, they don’t show you the wonder of the earth, they don’t show you the unity that human beings are. They show you who’s better, who’s worse. They show you what they need to show you in order for their system to survive. They don’t show you, love.”

So, lovely readers, I know we all have our duties and that some people may think that they do not have enough time, but there is time, there is a way and if that is also travelling, like that it is for me, please go out there because it gives you everything you need in life. Go and live!

With love from Bella.

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