A life lesson

Here I am, writing the last blog about my year in England. Today, I am going back home and to be honest, I don’t want to. Daniel has school until the end of June, but the rest of my friends are all also going home. The last few weeks were difficult, hard, but most ofContinue reading “A life lesson”

Graduation Speech​

Time Flies We are here altogether since the beginning and we stayed together till the end. Almost eight months but they feel like three. We experienced everything together. It only went too fast. Because yes, time flies when you are having fun. The eight months which feel like three are almost over, almost done. The lastContinue reading “Graduation Speech​”


From the end of February until the middle of March I had again two weeks of holiday. All my friends booked a trip together for around a week, but because it is my birthday on the 11th of March and my boyfriend and I just broke up, I preferred to go home, to my familyContinue reading “Altogether”

City trip to Cambridge

Last weekend I went on a bus tour organised by EF with a bus to Cambridge. Cambridge is quite far from Eastbourne, which makes it expensive, so to conclude; not a lot of my friends wanted to go. In the end,  there were still a few and although it was raining the whole day, weContinue reading “City trip to Cambridge”

Back “home” again

Today, I had my first school day again after a great holiday. I made another blog about for that because the holiday was too amazing to keep it short. Lots of things have changed since the holiday, I have changed, my level has changed, my class has changed, my teacher. However, everything is still amazingContinue reading “Back “home” again”