November, a delighted month

November, a month where amazing and beautiful things have happened. However, yes, the real deal has also started. We need to study but yeah, it became time after doing nothing for school the last three months. I also had my last visitors, we celebrated Halloween and went to an Opera. Welcome back, lovely readers! ThisContinue reading “November, a delighted month”

Family came over for six days

The planning was full and, although they thought they were coming to Florence to rest and relax, they were wrong about that. Welcome to the story of my way of transporting myself in Florence, which basically mean: walking, walking, walking. To make it a little easier I will list the things we did by day and thenContinue reading “Family came over for six days”

My first visitor in Florence

Our first little holiday together without parents. Marie-claire (short cut; Claire) and I have known each other since we were born/very little because our parents are close friends. However, we never went on holiday together, because when we did, we went with both families, which was amazing but now it is our time! Claire and IesContinue reading “My first visitor in Florence”

After a little delay…

…it was finally time to go to the country of my dreams; Italy. Not that I am obsessed with it but I would describe it as a sort of desire that I have had to life here. By the way, welcome back lovely readers. Ready for this four-month reading adventure about Florence and Tuscany? Cause IContinue reading “After a little delay…”

Outdoor activities and nature, a four day-trip back Germany

For the ones, who read my blogs or follow me on Instagram, probably know that I have been to Germany again, only now for another press trip. If you have not read the other blog about Baden-Wurttemberg yet, you can read it here. The trip this time was more focused on nature and outdoor andContinue reading “Outdoor activities and nature, a four day-trip back Germany”

An unexpected breathtaking place in Germany

  So, it is already a few weeks ago that I went to Baden-Württemberg, for a press trip with work. Yeah, I hear you thinking Baden-Württemberg…where is that? Don’t worry, I also did not know it. Baden-Württemberg is a state on the West-South side of Germany, divided into Baden and Württemberg (obviously haha). By theContinue reading “An unexpected breathtaking place in Germany”