November, a delighted month

November, a month where amazing and beautiful things have happened. However, yes, the real deal has also started. We need to study but yeah, it became time after doing nothing for school the last three months. I also had my last visitors, we celebrated Halloween and went to an Opera. Welcome back, lovely readers! ThisContinue reading “November, a delighted month”

Family came over for six days

The planning was full and, although they thought they were coming to Florence to rest and relax, they were wrong about that. Welcome to the story of my way of transporting myself in Florence, which basically mean: walking, walking, walking. To make it a little easier I will list the things we did by day and thenContinue reading “Family came over for six days”

Back to “normal” life

After the amazing trip to Colombia, it was difficult for me to return back to my “normal” life. Gladly, I could fill my weekends with great trips and activities. Cajón del Maipo with Belén So, Cajón del Maipo. Translated as the “Box between the mountains” and a beautiful getaway place from Santiago. After I arrivedContinue reading “Back to “normal” life”

Road trip South-Africa part 3: Cape Town

After being in South-Africa for 2,5 weeks, we had already seen so many different things; nature, people, weather, food. In total, we have slept in eleven accommodations. Cape Town, is going to be number twelve. The city which I had wanted to see for already a long time. A few people I know and followContinue reading “Road trip South-Africa part 3: Cape Town”

Road trip South-Africa part 2: Panorama and Garden Route

The two most famous routes in South-Africa. The Panorama and the Garden. The Panorama Route is more on the North/East side of South-Africa and the Garden Route more South/West side. Two totally different routes, but both so special and amazing! For the Panorama Route I cannot say that about everything, because we were not ableContinue reading “Road trip South-Africa part 2: Panorama and Garden Route”

Road trip South-Africa part 1: Game drives

Here we goooooo!! Flying 10,5 hours to Johannesburg, South-Africa. Ready to start our road trip which will totally last for three weeks. First part; the game drives. Yeah, I am talking about the big five (and many more animals), about nature, and about middle of nowhere places. So are you ready to hear about ourContinue reading “Road trip South-Africa part 1: Game drives”