The Bucket-list trip to Patagonia

Where and when all non-mountain lovers become mountain lovers, as I would say now. Even though I thought I wouldn’t have time anymore to go, I felt like I couldn’t leave Chile without having visited Patagonia, and oh gosh, I am glad about that. Where to begin… Maybe with the reason why I, in theContinue reading “The Bucket-list trip to Patagonia”

The biggest Salt Lake in the world

Something different, something immense, something magical. A place I had never been before and knew that I would never see anything ever compared to that again, because there just is not something like this: Uyuni, Bolivia. Far, far away. A 4-day tour by car from San Pedro and back to San Pedro, booked by Denomades.Continue reading “The biggest Salt Lake in the world”

The Chilean dream trip to the Atacama

Another trip with the Dutchies, although, it wasn’t all planned in the beginning. I actually was going alone and also booked everything already, until Jesse told me that they also wanted to go. Eventually, we went with seven people. The five of us who live in Santiago and two friends from the others who flewContinue reading “The Chilean dream trip to the Atacama”

Time for fun and activities

After my first blog about settling down in Santiago (if you have not read it yet you really missed something) it is now time for some extra fun and get to know the surroundings of Santiago, which has more neigbourhoods than Las Condes (where I live) and Vitacura (where I work). I have the activitiesContinue reading “Time for fun and activities”

Just trying not to break something in Hinterglemm

Here we go! Searching for Easter eggs in Hinterglemm between the snow instead of in our garden ha ha. Going to Hinterglemm for skiing/snowboarding is true, although searching for eggs was, on the other hand, a joke. Back to Austria Although we have been going to the Dolomites, Italy for already over years and alwaysContinue reading “Just trying not to break something in Hinterglemm”