The biggest Salt Lake in the world

Something different, something immense, something magical. A place I had never been before and knew that I would never see anything ever compared to that again, because there just is not something like this: Uyuni, Bolivia. Far, far away. A 4-day tour by car from San Pedro and back to San Pedro, booked by Denomades.Continue reading “The biggest Salt Lake in the world”

The Chilean dream trip to the Atacama

Another trip with the Dutchies, although, it wasn’t all planned in the beginning. I actually was going alone and also booked everything already, until Jesse told me that they also wanted to go. Eventually, we went with seven people. The five of us who live in Santiago and two friends from the others who flewContinue reading “The Chilean dream trip to the Atacama”

Road trip South-Africa part 2: Panorama and Garden Route

The two most famous routes in South-Africa. The Panorama and the Garden. The Panorama Route is more on the North/East side of South-Africa and the Garden Route more South/West side. Two totally different routes, but both so special and amazing! For the Panorama Route I cannot say that about everything, because we were not ableContinue reading “Road trip South-Africa part 2: Panorama and Garden Route”