The Bucket-list trip to Patagonia

Where and when all non-mountain lovers become mountain lovers, as I would say now. Even though I thought I wouldn’t have time anymore to go, I felt like I couldn’t leave Chile without having visited Patagonia, and oh gosh, I am glad about that. Where to begin… Maybe with the reason why I, in theContinue reading “The Bucket-list trip to Patagonia”

Feeling like a princess in Mendoza, Argentina

Back to Argentina again, although I was not sure anymore whether I wanted to (I will tell you later why) and, therefore, already cancelled the trip in my head. This was before I came up with an amazing idea to have a relaxing weekend, Why Mendoza? So, Mendoza is only one hour by aeroplane fromContinue reading “Feeling like a princess in Mendoza, Argentina”

The biggest Salt Lake in the world

Something different, something immense, something magical. A place I had never been before and knew that I would never see anything ever compared to that again, because there just is not something like this: Uyuni, Bolivia. Far, far away. A 4-day tour by car from San Pedro and back to San Pedro, booked by Denomades.Continue reading “The biggest Salt Lake in the world”

Back to “normal” life

After the amazing trip to Colombia, it was difficult for me to return back to my “normal” life. Gladly, I could fill my weekends with great trips and activities. Cajón del Maipo with Belén So, Cajón del Maipo. Translated as the “Box between the mountains” and a beautiful getaway place from Santiago. After I arrivedContinue reading “Back to “normal” life”

Reunion in Bogota, Colombia

Finally, finally, finally. Another reunion after 2,5 years, but now only in Bogota, Colombia! It was the time that Daniel and I would meet again. Before I already went to Chile, I bought my ticket to Bogota (where he lives) for six days. Where should I start? So, yes.. where to start? I think withContinue reading “Reunion in Bogota, Colombia”

Time for fun and activities

After my first blog about settling down in Santiago (if you have not read it yet you really missed something) it is now time for some extra fun and get to know the surroundings of Santiago, which has more neigbourhoods than Las Condes (where I live) and Vitacura (where I work). I have the activitiesContinue reading “Time for fun and activities”