Trips through Europe

Travelling has become very popular in the last decade. The main reason for that is globalisation.

Today, it is much easier to travel around in Europe and you are for example able to travel from England to New York in eight hours, which was not in the past. As a consequence, people want to see more and more. We are interested in other languages, cultures, and natures. When we are away from what we call our “home”, we feel as if we left our reality behind.

However, even from those places, we can make our home away from home. And that is exactly what I do. I make homes away from my home, The Netherlands, all around the world. I think that with travelling people learn how to adjust themselves, how to let go of the things they cannot influence, and how to become truly comfortable with themselves.

In the end, to find and create yourselves, this is the solution. Travel.

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